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Postby russ996 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:36 pm


I thought I would tell anyone interested about my first experience of WILDS.

About 3 months ago I purchased a book about Lucid dreaming but the DILD way.

It was very interesting and I liked the sound of it but try as I may, trying to wake up in a dream just seemed impossible.

I kept feeling I was close but as soon as I was in the dream I simply believed it was all real as we all do and didnt question it at all, however crazy the dream.

Then about 3 weeks ago I purchased the WILD way to lucid dreaming from Amazon and was so fascinated, I read it all in 3days.

I doubted it would be as easy as described because why would everybody bang on about DILD if WILD was an easier and quicker way?

Whilst reading the book I was trying it out at night to practice for the real thing and amazingly I had my first WILD before actually finishing the book!

It didnt last long but basically I observed all the colours until eventually images came (they seem to be more moving images in my case rather like quick flashes of video rather than still images)

Once I got a clear image I focused on it and just like the book explained I felt like I was sucked through the image.

The thing that really stands out for me was suddenly how bright and clear everything was (the same in my next WILD dream)

Compared to a normal dream it is amazing how you can make decisions on what you want to do.

My first dream didnt last long but basically I was transported into a house that wasnt my house, but was somehow familiar.

I wanted to keep my mind busy so I didnt wake up so I tried jumping up to the ceiling which was very high. I was able to bounce up and touch the ceiling which was fun, but I then had to push against the ceiling to get back to the floor.

I did this for a while and the next thing that happened was my son appeared. I waved to him but he seemed unable to see me.

I wanted to see what was outside and for some reason I thought I would be able to simply walk through the front door without opening it. That was a mistake as it was solid and I fell to the ground when I walked into it.

I decided to bounce around once more but this time as I did it, I actually pushed my legs out straight in my bed and woke up instantly.

That was quite weird as I have not ever done any movement in regular dreams in my bed and I was very aware of my legs moving in bed.

I then tried for the next 2 weeks to have more WILDS without success. Each time I would see the colours and then the images and the next thing I wake up the next morning.

Last night (or should I say this morning) as both of my WILDS were acheived having woke up at around 6.00 am and then tried to go back to sleep. It must be because I am not so tired by this stage that I can stay awake for the WILD.

This time I was lying on my right side which I understand adds more complexities and indeed there was a lot more going on this time.
The colours came and went quite quickly followed by the images followed by focus on a certain image and woosh, I was sucked through the image again (I actually like this bit the best so far)

The brightness is the thing that shocks the most having been sucked from darkness.

I didnt have any control over where I went as I was at the beach and was quite annoyed that it was cloudy. There were lots of people about.

I thought I would have a go at flying as thats what I had been looking forward to.

It wasnt as easy as I expected and I didnt seem to have a lot of control over direction, but I was certainly in the air which was a great experience.

I flew around for a while and when I landed I was outside a place of work that I recognised from 20 years ago. (nowhere near the beach and not somewhere I would choose to go)

Under real circumstances I would not have entered but as I was fully aware I was in a dream I thought it wouldnt matter.

I floated up the stairs as it seemed easier than walking and as I got round to the office I recognised immediately everything about it including many of the people, but there were other people who I had never seen before which I thought was odd, because who had invented them and did they really exist somewhere in the world. (or even more spooky, do they work there now?) I guess I just invented them.

I havnt managed to speak in either of these dreams yet but I went and sat next to someone I remembered and gave them a hug to which they hugged back. The next thing that happened was weird. My vision vanished and everything was dark again however I reached out and I could feel I was still in the office next to that person but I was blind.

After a minute or two my vision came back temporarily and then I could feel I was back in my bed.

I felt extremely relaxed and it was all still in my mind very clearly as it still is now.

These 2 dreams are obviously the start of my very inexperienced journey, but it is exciting and I am looking forward to going to bed again.

The thing that makes this so different to regular dreaming is that I was totally aware I was in a dream and unlike normal dreams where you sort of go with the flow without any control, I could make decisions on what I wanted to do.

Today I have felt quite refreshed but have not had any experiences like Slider where everything in my waking world seemed more exciting and vibrant than normal. it just seemed the same. I didnt spend hours looking at any brick walls :)

So thats it. I was hoping when I found this forum there would be many more dreams detailed by other people trying to WILD but it seems like a very quiet forum.

I would love to hear of other peoples experiences.


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Re: First WILDS

Postby slider » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:46 am

Hi Russ, plus welcome to the WILDway forum :)

It IS indeed a bit quiet here currently heh, but that's because this is still only a very new forum that commenced along with the publication of the book back in February 21st 2016 last, a forum dedicated to WILDs as opposed to DILDs - and as such, you are in fact among one of it's first members...

The vast majority of other lucid dreaming forums out there being 99.9% DILD orientated with only 'sections' for WILDs, I've accordingly created this forum completely the other way around with WILDs taking the emphasis and lead for the reasons stated in the book re WILDs likely being and becoming the future for lucid dreaming generally, as opposed to DILDs which currently seems to be holding everyone's attention on the subject, attention that i feel is sure to change to WILDs in the very near future for almost exactly the same reasons you describe in your post re: the sheer rapidity involved in attaining + exploring them! That even before you had finished the book, just the slightest attempt on your part to WILD actually succeeded!

The current record for a first WILD from scratch being only 11 days (on the facebook 'Lucid dreaming' group...) but which you appear to have literally 'smashed' in only one or 2 days! - which is excellent! - and which is also a great incentive to anyone else trying to lucid dream for the first time too, so very well done indeed! :D

The fact that you've now experienced 2 WILDs, meaning, for you at any rate, that you now fully realise what's actually involved in getting into a WILD (being sucked and/or zoomed into images while still awake etc), which, as it goes, is actually the most difficult part of the whole thing! Not because it's particularly difficult at all, but because it's such a novel experience that is virtually impossible to convey to someone who hasn't already experienced it! That 'accepting' it can actually even be done at all seems to be the only really difficult part of it all! Something you've already covered in that you no longer need to be convinced it's possible because you've already experienced it directly! (very cool...)

Given another 12 months or so, am fairly sure this forum will begin to fly and become far more busy... For now, however, we WILD ones are currently in the minority while the DILD-do-ers are still ruling the roost so to speak hehehe... A situation that am sure is set to change before very long as peeps slowly (or even rapidly, like you...) begin to catch-on to the sheer accessibility and beauty of WILDs compared to the otherwise sheer difficulties and frustrations of DILDs!

Welcome then Russ! To the really rather amazing world of Waking-Induced Lucid Dreaming!

We are among the first of an entirely new generation of people! Welcome aboard! :lol:

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Re: First WILDS

Postby LucidCol » Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:04 pm

Hi Russ cool experience and to have such control as that must be great :)

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Re: First WILDS

Postby russ996 » Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:41 pm

Thanks for the replies and apologies for the delay in replying.

A family bereavement has taken some time up.

I have only managed one more WILD since my last post and it wasnt overly exciting.

It was quite weird as I managed to get into the dream and wanted to go off exploring but a very annoying guy kept trying to stop me, to the point that it became physically aggressive.

I then remembered that I was in control and just imagined he was gone and he was.

Unfortunately about 30 seconds later I woke up.

I have found it impossible to enter a WILD when I first go to bed as everytime I try I simply fall to sleep. I find I need to sleep for a few hours first and once I wake up it is then much easier to focus on the images as I am less tired.

I have a long way to go but I find it fascinating.

I am also remembering my normal dreams more easily too.

The reason I first looked into it was several years ago I used to have many what felt like 'out of body experiences' whereby I would walk around the house and could feel the carpet under my feet, but I was aware I was still in my bed. I found them very unnerving and when I re entered my body I was awake but could not move my body which was very frightening.

These episodes have stopped over the last few years but I believe that they have similarities to lucid dreaming as they were so very real and at times I could even see the clock next to my bed passing through the minutes whilst I wondered around the house.

It was because of this that I have started looking more into the whole lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.

Since reading your book I have had no fear of not being able to wake up and I feel far more in control as I am initiating the process.

I hope more people join and start to add their adventures and I will also look at your facebook page.

Just one thing. I expected when I recieved a reply to my post that I would receive some form of email notification but I have not.

Could I have something set incorrectly?

Many thanks and happy WILDING.

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Re: First WILDS

Postby slider » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:19 pm

Hi russ996 :)

I think you're doing fine btw... it takes time and experience to fill in all the gaps but you're getting there :)

I thinks it's always like this at the beginning, stops and starts etc, plus mysteries and questions galore hehehe (how exciting really heh...) Rest peaceful, however, that in time and a few more experiences such as you've described, that the future is indeed promising for you with these WILDs, the few you've had so far not particularly denoting much skill on your part, but so what! What fun it is to discover and find out all about what it is about 'yourself' that is capable of such things eh?

The 'main' thing being that you've already established some rather fundamental facts about just exactly what it is you're trying to do. That not only IS it actually possible to WILD (the biggest hurdle really is just knowing it 'can' actually be done, as opposed to just having hearsay evidence about some maybe weird psychic possibility...), but also the realisation in real terms of just what it's actually like to find oneself wide awake in this altered state we call lucid dreaming :)

You'll probably have many experiences like this of fairly short duration, but again rest peaceful again, the time will come when you get your first really prolonged one which is the real eye opener (so cool...) and this is the time that walls (or whatever heh...) might start looking a bit different to you haha (everything looked a bit different actually, but that wall was just the first thing I really stopped to look at as it looked so... odd! (what is the matter with this wall?? kinda thing heh...)

And ok on the email settings here, you should indeed be able to opt in and out of email notifications of replies etc, unfortunately I'm still new here too lol, and there's about 20,000 potential buttons to press behind the scenes with setting for, well, looks like absolutely everything really lol :)))

No doubt I'll suss this bit out for you first... I really need to know about such things anyway as the admin, but lol programming this forum correctly is actually harder than learning to WILD? (cracking up laughing, my next book perhaps: something really difficult for a change such as running a forum hah;)

Anyway, keep on going matie... keep on getting more WILDs under your belt until you hit the magic number (whatever it is for each one of us personally...) and you hit the mother lode! Your first prolonged WILD in which you'll probably be able to answer all your own questions after that heh, it's like passing your driving test or something I guess, and because after that you can more or less do what you want when you want, and it doesn't really get much better than that (yaaaay!)

All the best to you + happy WILDing everyone! :)