James' First WILD!

What works and why? What's the quickest method of entering a WILD for you? How have you perfected the technique? Could others do it too?
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James' First WILD!

Postby slider » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:03 am

This feedback was posted to me on facebook of James' 1st ever WILD, which, with his permission, is reposted here for the benefit of others also getting started (slider...)

Woohoo I think! So last night I tried relaxing the way you said (think about getting lighter and floating above my body). Previously i was doing the opposite, feeling heavy and sinking. Anyway I think I might have had a lucid dream but not sure.

So I was relaxing and after about 15-20 mins I felt a bit strange in my body and then (this was unexpected) I heard in a deep transformers type voice say "get ready to dream" and then pop I was stood in my room next to my bed. I thought wow it's worked.

I tried to turn my light on but it didn't work, so I use my mobile phone light to walk through the house (it wasn't exactly like my house as it had clothes in the floor everywhere and the rooms were different). I went down stairs and looked around for a couple of minutes and I could remember hearing the heavy rain in the dream ( and really last night). Then I did 2 reality checks ( my hand into my hand and my hand through the wall) but it didn't go through, then I was confused and woke up.

When I woke up, I felt full of energy and couldn't sleep most of the night again. Really strange. But not sure if this was a lucid dream because of the reality check? Any thoughts?! I remember the dream now, in lots of detail even after being awake which is different. Also I remember thinking in the dream and reasoning too...?


A definite first WILD there for James methinks... and to which this was my reply:

Haha! That's brilliant James! You did it!!! Yeaaaa! :D

Plus, from the sounds of it, you didn't mess about like i did and went straight to go and collected the 200 dream bucks lol...

Reality checks etc are really only for DILDs to 'test' for dreaming... you already 'knew' you were dreaming but I guess just wanted to prove it to yourself is all... my own way to confirm is to leap up into the air like neo in the matrix and more simply fly - whereon all doubts then vanish

Either way, you've broken the ice now and a few more sessions like this will help to establish how you're going to behave in these altered states in future, no worries...

Well done James! I told you it was easy didn't i? The only thing's that hard is getting used to being able to do such an extraordinary thing!

The 'sinking down' is only really to get to that coveted state of relaxation, and so now you know what to do, what works for you: first sink a bit to relax your body etc and then go up to dream lol - excellent choice!

I love the bit about a voice saying 'get ready to dream' haha, plus you'll prefect the technique as you go along and begin to do more with what you like with it from now on... until then, just enjoy every strange, new and exciting part of it while doing so...

With your permission I'd like to post your experience to the forum to help others also get started, if that's ok?

Welcome James to the world of WILDs!

You went WILD mate! :lol: